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Choice to PvP based on Trophy's or Team Strength

This is idea to be able to play different teams at different levels without needing a 2nd separate arenas.

When going into battle, have a button “Trophy Matched Battle” and “Team Matched Battle”.

This way you can play lower dino’s to get a break from the Ratting and get your DBI’s or play to earn a place on the food chain.

Trophy matched battles will earn or loose you trophy’s but Team strength based matches just earns you incubators and take downs. This allows everyone to be able to play the new dino’s that come out.

This system makes it so there is still only one arena so there should not be any issues with lack of battles except for the top players who have a difficult time getting them anyway. In the case of top players, they may find playing lower dinos in team strength matches a nice reprieve and keep from getting bored playing the same top monsters they have made.

Adding: When doing team strength battling, you can be playing against trophy matching player. The programming for trophy matched will have to check both to see which is closer. It will check for an available closest trophy team and a closest available strength team and pit the one that is closer.

It the trophy team is slightly stronger and the team strength base player team is slightly weaker, the trophy based player will play the strength based team otherwise play the trophy based player.