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Choose 2 common only

choose 2 but the rest attack but only commons

5 tarbos
10 apatosaurus
12 coel
10 stego
6 eremotherium
5 velo
3 Phora
4 bronto
6 anklyo g2
5 ophia

apatosaurus cause its op af and tarbosaurus cause its green and green is a cool color ez


Coel and elasmotherium

Elasmo is a rare

Tarbos and ankys because the ankys set up shielding use their vulnerability strike and then the tarbos use the shield to hide behind and since most targets are vulnerable they can one shot most thing (Yes, I know that’s not how shields work in game)

Coel and stego. Apatosaurus and stego are the only group attackers so by picking one of them in the stego’s, coel should have an easy time just using it’s absorb to tank and dish out damage. The stego’s are also tanks, and they can slow and apply vulnerability to help the coel’s

In Game: Anky and Tarbo. Like said earlier, Anky can shield, and Tarbos can munch. Plus, you only need one Anky to shield at a time. Coel will be kind of a problem, but you should able to over whelm them with Anky and Tarbo hitting several in one round. The problem is gonna be if they all attack at once. If they go 2-3 groups at a time, you should win, but if all attack at once, you just don’t have the health nor group attacks on any creature to take them out.

IRL: Apatosaurus and Stego. Apatosaurus with crush anything that comes near, and Stego can spike anything that comes close. As long as I’m far enough away from them. But with 10 Apatos and 10 Stegos, I should be fine. Coel will be annoying, but given they can only glide and are tiny and not venomous, I can slowly crush them with little effort given they are 2 feet long. Just need to protect my neck. Plus they only weigh 1 pound, so unless they all do a coordinated assault to knock me down when I’m turned away, they shouldn’t be able to get me to the ground, and plus Stego and Apatosaurus can likely tail whip a few before they get to me.