Choose 2 to defend, others will attack you, but with JWA creatures!

Rules: You have to choose 2 creatures to defend you, the rest of them will attack you. Choose wisely.


Mortem and Skoona

me flashbacking to my post

Mortem and Hydra.

I have the Hydras surround me in a perfect circle that forces the other beasts to funnel between them and thus be within striking distance of the Hydras. I keep two Mortems near me to take care of anything that gets past the Hydras, while the other two run interference, with their first targets being the Skoonas.


Mortem rex and ankylos lux for me

Ref can spit poison and have 10 of them
Skoona is just massive.
Ankylos is a good defensive build but is very slow.
Bear is scary with a decent number of it, but lack in power.
Phorurex doesn’t stand out and numbers are not good enough.
Hydra is decent but does not have enough damage to attack larger dinos.
Mortem has good attack and defence and 4 of them is very dangerous.
The flying flocks is surprisingly large with aerial advantage and large numbers.
Scorp 3 is not that great when dealing with many enemies and only has 3 of them.
My final choices will be mortem and the flying flock because I can simply fly to the sky for safety while the Mortem Rex bite other things with others distracting the enemies


I think the flocks don’t fly they glide

Refrenatem and Ardontgnagthus

(I made my own)

3 indominus gen2

5 amargocephalus

8 andrewtherium

20 aquilmimus

6 (flocks) argenteryx

8 thylacotator

3 sarcorixis

2 spinotahraptor

6 majundaboa

(Pic 3 and the rest fight u)


3 indoms and 3 sarcorixis

Nice I should get more big creatures

wait… is this irl or in game?

In irl and I updated it u can pic again if u want

oh ok

also i was referring to the original post

I think aquilmimus is speedy enough for me to carry me to safety.
Indominus gen 2 go invisible and attack everybody while everybody has to use smell to figure out it’s location.

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Andrewtherium has really good sense of smell I think they can sniff indom out but indom would probably kill them before they have a chance and I didn’t think anyone would use aqulimimus, Aquilmimus is really fast (like u said) and some can distract the other team while the indoms sneaks in and attacks

Mortem Rex and Ankylos Lux.

It’s pretty safe to assume that Mortem Rex is a Tyrannosaurus, but better. Bigger, faster, more armored, and a stronger bite force. Its spikes provide decent protection from any attacks from above, forcing any Ardontognathus into a dangerous position. Phorurex and Vasilas stand no chance against Mortem especially 4 of them. Refrenantem could be a potential threat, but it would have to aim directly for eye, twice, for 4 different Mortem, in order to blind all of them. However, what you mainly want Mortem for are the Skoonasaurus. Mortem and possibly Scorpios Rex are the only things that stand a chance against Skoona, and Mortem is better for dealing with groups than Scorpios.

Ankylos Lux is an absolute tank, and can really only be taken out by Skoonasaurus, Mortem Rex, and Scorpios Rex Gen 3 if it’s lucky enough. However, with Mortem Rex taking on Skoona and Mortem being on your team, it’s very unlikely that Ankylos Lux will have any competition. Ardontognathus attacks render useless against its armor. Phorurex can’t do much either and is vulnerable to an attack from another Ankylos. Refrenantem can blind them, but that doesn’t negate Lux’s defenses entirely. Scorpios Rex has to get a quill shot in a vulnerable spot on Ankylos, which would be very difficult. I haven’t talked about Hybrid Boa that much, because how is a constricting snake going to crush Ankylos to death, let alone without damaging itself?


Ref and skoona

I would choose the Ardontgnagthuses and the Mortems.

Indominus Rex gen 2, Majundaboa, an Sarcorixis

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Phoru and Anklyos