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Choose arena (visual only)

It would be good if you could choose the arena you use as the background from all of the arenas that you have unlocked.

I don’t mean for it to affect matchmaking in any way, just to have a break from being in the library for months, escaping and then getting sent straight back at the end of the season.

It seems a shame to let all the earlier arena backgrounds go to waste.


Agreed I’d love to fight in badlands without needing to be that low in trophies I’m pretty sick of being in aviary


I’d love to fight in sorna marshes again, it gave me a sense of awe when I finally graduated from lockdown.

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I suggested this a while ago and, unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be happening


Yeah, I’d like the Lockwood Mansion bg (even though that fountain seemed to be flowing backwards…) or the Sorna Marshes bg.

I’d go back to Mt Sibo. Really sets an intense tone, ya know?


Spinoconstrictor in estate is beautiful


Yeah that would be great. As long as we unlock It we should be able to select the visuals we want to fight in arena

Sorna marshes or Lockdown. Both look good.

I don’t have to go back ‘cause I’m still there :3

I would like to be able to take a picture of my living room or back yard and use it for a backdrop for battling.