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Choose between remove distraction, slow and bypass evasion

I think one of the major issues with a lot of basic attacks right now is that they do too many things, which means a lot of boosted high damage creatures are now too powerful and there’s not much to counter them because of high utility basic attacks. Either your creature is superior or not, you often can’t even swap out because that’s just a free hit when facing something like tenontorex.

Almost everything slows, removes distraction and bypasses evasion now. That’s too much for a single basic attack. More advanced varieties could do something like that with a cooldown, but currently these moves are too effective and prevalent. Evasive creatures are so heavily countered right now because nearly every team is made up of creatures that will bypass evasion, slow AND remove distraction. There’s no way for an evasive creature to counter or survive these as they have high speed and low health. They can’t instant evade because it will be bypassed and just lead to them being slowed again. They only evasive that could do this before was Grylenken, but it no longer has a counterattack, and only has speed reduction resistance of 50%. Almost every high damage creature completely counters these now without needing to do anything other than use their basic attack.

I think the solution is to reduce the utility of basic attacks. to one of these, two at most, but never three, as these are the most common abilities found across most creatures, they shouldn’t counter half the strategies on their own.

I think “resilient” “cunning” attacks should be just “Impact” or “Rampage”

The “resilient strike” must go through evasive skills, not eliminate them

“cunning strike” should nullify shields and purify deceleration


Then maybe stop commenting and being negative