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Choose daily mission dino from selection

I’m suggesting that instead of getting only one species of epic dino for a month, you could have a selection to choose from. Selection could be 2 to 3 dinos, just like the dartable theme dinos are. You could make the choice every day, so if you just need a few more dino A’s, you could choose it on a few days and then concentrate on dino B for the rest of the month.

With this system, the epics would be circulated on the daily system much faster so you could wish to gather eg. brachiosaurus maybe once a year.

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A long time ago, somebody suggested an Amber Store. When you complete your dailies, you would receive a piece of Amber that could be used in the Amber Store to trade Amber pieces for Epic dinosaur DNA in the store.

I think I would like to take this one step further and suggest that you receive 10 Amber pieces for each completed daily and if you complete ALL the dailies you receive a bonus that doubles your Amber Reward. I.e. if you only complete 4 out of 5 dailies you would receive 40 Amber pieces, but if you completed all 5 missions you would receive 100 Amber Pieces. Then the trade would be 1 Amber Piece for 1 Epic DNA.

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That sounds like a good idea as well. Although, then I think the store selection should also be a small selection at a time. Otherwise, you would end up facing lvl30 trykos and other epic based monsters on arena.

Also, the amount of dailies isn’t standard so the dailies should have different values so they would result in 100.

Agree on both points.

Maybe the daily could be half the percentage of completed dailies.

First number is the total number of daily missions given;
4 missions rewards 13 for each completed mission
5 missions rewards 10 for each completed mission
6 missions rewards 9 for each completed mission
7 missions rewards 8 for each completed mission
8 missions rewards 7 for each completed mission
9 missions rewards 6 for each completed mission

Of course those rewards are based on rounding to whole numbers. But completing ALL missions would always give a bonus amount to bring the total up to reward 100 total.

This would be NICE. and then maybe extra coins ( like 1000~ max) for fusing hybrids