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Choose Language From "English" Or "Phone Language"

It’s about Android, I don’t know how it is for iOS.

Would be nice to set game to English. It seems it sets the language according to phone language settings. Nice, but we only chat about the game, here in forum, in-game alliance international chat, or everywhere… in ENGLISH.

Whats the problem here? I answer: everything names. I want to talk about some dino, move, game element, and i only know my language word. So i have to take a look at some material, like metahub, to first know how it is in english and then type whatever.

And most cases i HAVE to do this, because the word in my language would be unrecognizable for others.

I found topic with people asking for language changing, and some argued would be harder to do this for developers.

I’m posting this new topic, because my suggestion is different:

  • A simple binary option: English or Phone Language. So the game could have only 2 languages downloaded, english and yours.

so if a gamer just play the game, can do it in his language. if is like me, active outside, could set to english.

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