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Choose your creature never shows my options

Sometimes before a battle it takes more than the 30 seconds, and because of that it never gives me the option to choose my starting dino.
I have a Samsung S8, and processing should not be an issue.
Any ideas on how you fix this?
In friendly battles I never ever chose a dino. It’s even worse.

Hey Fabiano_Donadon_Dal1, depending on the strength of your internet signal, it could take some time for your battle to load when you get matched with another player. Some of the troubleshooting steps for connection type errors on this thread here might help speed up the loading time if you try them: Lost a battle I was winning
Let me know if it helps!

I also have a Samsung S8 and the App works fine without any issues.

Would recommend trying the following in order:

  • Clearing Cache: Keep App icon clicked. App Info > Storage > Clear Cache (Not clear data).
  • Saving your profile to Google Play/Facebook and then try uninstalling-reinstall.

I have the same problem.

Galaxy S8

  • no other apps in the background
  • cache cleared
  • using google login
  • app reinstalled
  • stable connection (can use every other AR game without problems)
  • problem exists on mobile data AND on wifi
  • full internet signal

In friendly battles i can never select my starting dino, dino cards dont turn around when the battle starts, first dino gets autoselected.

Strike events - i wait up to 20 seconds to select my first dino - pretty annoying when u have to do 7-10 step strikes.

Any more suggestions @Ned ?

Edit: At least in Arena battles i can select my first dino in the last 5 seconds


Same problem here, and I also have a galaxy S8. In battle arena i can choose my dino at 10 or less seconds to go. in friendly, maybe because there is less time to choose, i can never choose my starting dino…

Hey Ostfreeze, if you find that this is still happening after trying the troubleshooting steps, our team would be happy to take a closer look at this if you reached out to them here at with your support key.

Check your phone clock. Seems that is late. Turn off automatic time, then turn it back on and restart your phone.

Same issue here on the galaxy s8

I have the same issue with my Samsung. Worked fine until the time of the 1.5 update. Samsung updated the phone software and ever since I can never choose my starting dinosaur (I can in strike towers once I wait about a minute) and frequently I can’t choose my starting attack either.

Same issue on galaxy s8

Hopping its fixed in 1.6

When this is going to be addressed? I can’t even think about picking dinos whose abilities shine on switch, because of the shame that the game would pick it as starting dino, since I can never choose.

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I did an android (9) update recently on my phone - somehow this bug seems to be gone. My dinos get revealed after 2-3 seconds now.

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