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Choose your own best 4 dinos team

I am doing the legendary Batman tactic with only 4 dinos. This is my current team, I am mid Lockwood Library right now.

The grind for the T-Rex, the only DNA I need, is very hard and that made me think about other teams with only 4 dinos created.

If you could choose your 4 dinos for the team, which 4 would you choose and create? Keep the following points in mind:

  • You have to choose one of the three starting dinos: Apatosaurus, Nundasuchus or Velociraptor.
    Apatosaurus-icon Nundasuchus-icon Velociraptor-icon

  • The other 3 dinos you choose should be relatively easy to obtain. Think about non-exclusives or dinos only dartable on a specific day.

  • Think about immunities and swap in options. This could be really usefull with only 4 dinos, since every battle will be with the same 4. You could really build up a good strategy.

  • Keep in mind that Hybrids are possible, but the dinos providing the hybrid should also be usable in battles. If you want to pick a hybrid, choose wisely.

If I would do a new team with only creating 4 dinos I think I would choose one of the following two teams:

Easy dart team:
Nundasucus or Velociraptor - Einiosaurus or Triceratops Gen 2 - Irritator Gen 2 - Suchomimus
Nundasuchus-icon Velociraptor-icon - Einiosaurus-icon Triceratops Gen 2-icon - Irritator Gen 2-icon - Suchomimus-icon
With this team you have dinos who are easy to obtain with a starting speedster with some good damage, swap in stunning strike, swap in definite strike and swap in wound. The choice would then be for more health or pounce between Nunda or Veloci and Regeneration or Rampage between Einio or Tricera.
With only Swap in definite strike you miss some nullifying since that is needing in the higher arenas with all the immune creatures.

Team option 2:
Nundasucus - Entelodon - Secodontosaurus - Tanycolagreus
Nundasuchus-icon Entelodon-icon Secodontosaurus-icon Tanycolagreus-icon
I really like this team, Nunda just a balanced dino. Entelodon with definite strike, MF and DSR (does anyone has experience with Entelodon? He looks nice, but haven’t used him yet.), Secodonto as immune and Tany as nullifying speedster.

Maybe even Entelodon and Woolly Mammoth to create Entelomoth.

Think outside the box with creating your own 4 dinos team! Let me know which four you would choose.


Well, I would use Ornithomimus, high damage, evasive strike and impact and run is good so I can do some damage while getting out of a terrible matchup/
Marsupial Lion is also a great one, it’s extremely good and it has a very high chance of beating a Ardentismaxima and Geminititan!
Pyroraptor is another good one, it’s fast, high damage and can reduce a opponent’s damage to 0!
Postosuchus, highest T1 damage in the game, you can do a massive FI T1 and then just spam defense shattering strike with that strong ferocity, got decelerated? Go for Adrenaline surge to cleanse and get back 25% of your HP!

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Or you could have velociraptor, t.rex, indominus rex and indoraptor.

You would have to dart one of the 3 starter dinos

Well, I guess I’ll take out Pyro for Velo.

I would go with
Velo-fastest dino in the game and arguably best starter
Gorgo- pretty good chomper with damage boosting
Kapro- good dino to swap into when you’re in a pinch
Gorgosuchus- amazing dinosaur to use. With the right combo could be a dangerous threat to the other team


Velociraptor: fast and high turn 1 damage
Rex: high overall damage
Indominus rex: immunity, bulky and high damage
Indoraptor: it’s a jack of all trades

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So your team would be Velociraptor - Ornithomimus - Marsupial Lion - Postosuchus.
Velociraptor-icon - Ornithomimus-icon - Marsupial Lion-icon - Postosuchus-icon
That would be a good team! Very high damage, some immunity and pretty good dartable. I would think you would also miss some nullifying, just like my team now with Veloci, Rex, Indom and Indo. Also really love Marsupial Lion, so that would be a great option!

Good team, also nice you would go for a Hybrid, which is also pretty able to make:
Velociraptor-icon - Gorgosaurus-icon - Kaprosuchus-icon - Gorgosuchus-icon

Also with the other team, I think you would miss the nullifying option in this team. Still great though!

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I am running this team at the moment.

It is really awesome, but I notice that I miss some variety in my team. I do need to get Rex and Indom to level 30, but I notice that I am relying to much on cloak and evasive and really miss a nullifying option.

How about
Nunda- like you said a really balanced dino overall
Dilophosaurus gen2- amazing damage(enough to rival most chompers) and is an amazing counter to chompers. With nullifying strike, distraction, and immune to distraction this is a formidable beast to take on if you’re slower
Tyrannosaurus rex gen2- like its counter part amazing damage but sacrifices damage output for speed. Overall a generally good dinosaur
Tyrannolophosaur- looking at its stats this is like a different take on thor with similar damage and moves but this time with distraction and nullifying strike instead of DSS and instant charge. However a pain to make

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That is a pretty nice team. Two chompers, boost 1 on health and one on speed to get variety! Also Dilo looks decent, to bad it doesn’t have an impact move but his stats are awesome. As you said, both distraction and nullifying are there and also speed with Nunda and Dilo and a lot of damage. This could be a killer team.
Nundasuchus-icon - Dilophosaurus Gen 2-icon - Tyrannosaurus Rex Gen 2-icon - Tyrannolophosaur-icon

The best possible setup is as follows, provided you have extreme patience:

  • Velo (obligatory starter and the best of the 3)
  • Blue (via sanctuary farming)
  • Indominus G2 (dartable in the wild)
    Indoraptor G2 (fusable from IndomG2 and Blue)

If one theoretically has the time and patience to dart wild indomg2 regularly and only FIP blue, this is the best possible 4 dino team.

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The most practical team would be this: Velo, ornith, proceratosaurus, procerathominus. Proceratosaurus is given away like candy for an arena exclusive, ornith is strong and everywhere, and procerath is pretty good. And when it comes to swapping, that is ornith’s job

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I’m seeing a big issue here, and that’s an almost complete lack of Swap-utility.

Yes, that would be a very strong team. Maybe even the best as you said.
Velociraptor-icon - Blue-icon - Indominus Rex Gen 2-icon - Indoraptor Gen 2-icon
The problem would be the same with the team I play now. It would take a long time to get Blue from FIP because you can only get DNA from him at a certain level. So you should get Veloci and Indom Gen 2 to a very high level to increase your own player level to get Blue DNA. Also the hunt for Indom would be very boring, since I now only hunt T-Rex and she is more common to see. I only saw two Indom Gen 2 until now. And there is an option that Indom and Indo Gen 2 will get an nerf in the future, that is not what you want. Very strong team, but very hard to create. Still awesome though.

I’d choose apato for slowing down my opponents, then indoraptor, orion and indominus G1 for the bants

Also very nice team, very speedy also and a lot of nullifying!
Velociraptor-icon - Ornithomimus-icon - Proceratosaurus-icon - Procerathomimus-icon
The only problem will be that there is a possibility that Procerat will get a nerf one day (just like monomimus). Then you will be screwed with this team, but the nerves are an possibility for all the teams.

Pretty low HP though and no shield breaking abilities.

What team would you suggest with the options of swapping dinos?