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Choosing team

hi guys. iam new in this game. i would like to know that which criteria(s) is better by choosing my attack team. health? attack? speed? level? thank you so much.

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Ideally you should pick something with the highest rarity and highest attack, level it, and avoid overleveling it if it has a hybrid. I’d save boosts for the final hybrid.

thank you so much for your reply.

Just beginning, it will not really matter. Battle with what you can find and level up. You will discover what creatures/attacks suit your style of play. You will be limited in what you can dart in your area.

Starting advice is to dart everything. Level up creatures to get to a higher user level ASAP. You get more DNA per dart the higher level you are. Spin drops to max out on your coins per day.

For leveling creatures, the general rule is:
Level common to level 6
Rare to level 10
Epic to level 15

These are the lowest level for hybrids.

Join an Alliance. There are rewards for playing as a group. A good alliance will be able to help you develop your crew and offer advice on general play.

EDIT: Getting to user level 10 should be a priority. You gain access to valuable resources: Boosts.

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thank you so much my friend. with coins what i can do or buy? now i have 26.000 coins and increasing

Coins are used for leveling up and fusing creatures. They are a valuable commodity. The higher level your creatures, the scarcer they are as the more they take to level. You can never have too many. Well, 10 million is the max you can have in storage.

You gain coins by spinning drops, both green and regular. There is a max limit per day. You can see that by opening a drop and clicking the “!” on the right side. Try to max out each day.

You also gain them by doing strike towers, battling and making donations in Alliance.

thank you so much for your information my friend i really appreciated .

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