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Choosing to focus on fun - a story

I’ve always been concerned with high trophy counts and being as effective as possible. This worked great for a while, but then I took a hiatus (at this point I forget when this was. Sometime after alliances were created and the time boosts were introduced.) I fell behind.

When I came back, I came back kind of incrementally. Found top 150 was way way out of reach, top 500 frankly was also way way out of reach. Got discouraged. Told my son he can use my account - cause it’s not fun for me anymore.

This was my team under my stewardship when I kinda gave up on it (right after boosts 2.0):

He asked if he could change it up a bit, remove boosts even. Sure! I said. Do whatever you want with it. Really? Yeah! Heres what he did with it:

He was successful with it, but he wasnt having fun either (and since we both battle on the account, neither was I.) The old team had dinos on it that the meta changed around (dilo, and tuora buff came too late for me); this new team was good but just not fun. Hitting strike over and over on ig2? Boring. Dioraja? Just not our bag. Rinex? Always outsped, and focusing on the rng of a stun landing wasn’t fun. Ditto, frankly, for ig2s dodge. We dont like the 75% chance stuff.

On the verge of us both throwing in the towel with jwa, we decided to take one last look at the team - what’s wrong with it? It’s just not fun. Relying on rng to come through for us especially- not fun.

So we decided to go through the dinos 1 by 1 and ask 2 questions:

  1. Is it fun?
  2. Is it usable?

This was to be different from our troll team; we wanted to be able to push effectively with it too. So one by one we went through-

Thor - is it fun? Well it used to be! Why isnt it now? Because we are always outsped. What made it fun back in the day? Big damage. We LOVED big numbers. Alright then, stop worrying about speed or health. Let’s boost that suckers damage and throw him in!!!

Magna - is it fun? Yeah!!! In this meta especially it’s really good. It’s quick good health and dmg and a distract. Plus immune!! So long as we keep it faster than thor we enjoy it.

The wonder twins- Gemini and Dentist- are they fun? Heck yeah! We love the long necks. But they have no boosts right now and are 21/22 - can we live with that? Are they fun? 100% yes!!! Its nice having big health long neck dinos that will require a little strategy to use. We at least have some choices, even if denstist is usually just rotating impact/rampage. We can slow things down for our thor to kill. And geminis kit is really fun!

What about smiley? Also creation level with no boosts. Is it fun? Yeah!! So much armor with distract and shield. Plus swap in (should be acute) stun, immune to stun, pounce impact pounce impact is fun! Also cleansing is nice. Again having choices is great. Just feeling like we have more control in general is nice. Is it usable? We think it could be! Throw it in!

Erl - big numbers are fun. Easy in.

Tryko? Who doesn’t like a rex with armor?

Quetz- Lots of fun!! Love the kit. Several options with this guy between swap in, speed ups, 100% dodges and invincibility. Plus who doesn’t like null rampage?

In retrospect reducing rng while expanding options and putting us more in control really defined fun for us (and being able to compete at some level.) So the team looks like this now:

But can it compete? Low boosts (for where we are used to being) and low average team level (24.2 or something). Well, we started at 5300 or so and decided to try it out. This was the result so far:

We are happy with this!! Frankly we are surprised the team is able to hang out between 5400-5500 in it’s current state. Its encouraging to see that levels and boosts help, but that we can still be competitive while having fun - and having a team to work on!!! We are excited to see how we do as we continue to level and boost it, and are having fun using it!!

Oh and what about smiley - is it effective? We think so. This was swapped into a full health thor - thor did kill it, but that’s to be expected - it still set up the next dino brilliantly:

Wanted to share :slight_smile:


You know I like having fun. I gave up on high scores and endgame creatures. My latest team…


Is spinotahraptor viable?

Depends on how you play. I usually get to do the bleed then get creamed, but the opponent needs to make a decision at that point… So maybe?

I hover around 5400/5700. I pretty much can do that with my two boosted crutches (the indoms) and any other relatively decent creatures.


Honestly that looks very fun!!! Are you planning on any other changes? Have any other dinos you wanna try?

I fused all the legendary DNA I’ve been hoarding. So now I’m just working on coins to level them -


I’m also splitting time between the park and the area I find argentino, since I want to build up ardonto, who I feel is now better than maxima.


That’s really weird… I’m doing the same thing! haha!


I have lots of fun reading the goofy AI names after a battle! :rofl: This is the weirdest one yet!

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Nice. Great minds think alike!


:joy: that they do!!!

Same here, in fact my whole alliance decided to play casual with only 1 rule and that is to log in at least once within 3 days. No more requesting common/rare dna when it is needed in the weekly tasks, don’t have to FIP the dinos in the top sanctuary or hold back the weekly task reward incubator & everyone can have 0 trophies after the monthly reset.
Tbh, the game is getting stale. What’s the use of getting more dna & leveling up one’s dinos if we are gonna get smashed in the match making process once we improve our roster? The dino type doesn’t change if one is stuck in the same region (work & home) and it’s the same ones day in day out. How many 500K dna dinos do we need? Epics are far & few and the worst of the lot is the acute lack of green stops. How many players would walk just 1 km for that single green stop (to find that the dino within has disappeared & spinning it gave you 12 darts only)?


Very very well said my friend. I wish I could like it 1000x.

Sounds like your alliance has it all figured out!


Yep too much routine may increase rewards for an alliance, but it also increases the odds of burnout and stress.

I personally always kept a laid back attitude with the 2 alliances I ran. All I asked was no cheating.

Under the classic system my alliance was consistently 4/3 each and every week, and never had players quitting due to burnout or stressed we wouldn’t reach the next tier. We all considered that the slight increase in rewards wasn’t worth the sheer amount of effort as it would turn the game into a job to reach the next rank, rather than a game.

Leaders need to ask themselves this - "Is an extra hundred DNA which makes a negligible difference given the current state of the game worth risking players burning out and leaving or quitting the game?


This is cool, this is how it should be. I won’t invest in a dinosaur unless I like it, my whole team is made up of what I enjoy. The only thing it’s Missing is Monomimus because not anywhere near strong enough, and Procerathomimus because I won’t dare level past 20 as It’s going to get nerfed and eventually a hybrid, y’all want to distroy it :sob:


Nah…everybody’s just too lazy to be the leader. Lol

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It can definitely be a handful, I suppose some players prefer a more “let others lead” kind of stance, like in my younger years I preferred to follow someone rather than lead, but as I got older I found I enjoyed the added challenge of leading.

I remember when sanctuary were added to the game, trying to keep some kind of system in place so popular dinosaurs were added to specific sanctuary, but it was difficult coz many didnt follow with the rules on such things, though it did get better over time (when I popped into the alliance not long back to say hello I seen they had a good system going so the guy I I promoted to leader is doing well it seems).

I suppose it really depends on if the person wishes to accept the added challenge of leadership, in exchange for a chance to built something and mold it into their own image, kinda like planting seeds and watching it grow.



I’m more like the people in @Joe_Ng alliance. Leading - been there, done that, better part of 2 decades. Do it enough outside of jwa, I dont want it here - but I greatly appreciate the efforts of those who choose to step up to lead!

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Yeah thats true about getting too much of something. Like someone who has never had leadership ambitions may try it and love it, as its different and new experience for them.
Where as someone who leads normally, may like to take the back seat for a change and try that.

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Well said - agree 100%

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