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Christmas epic strike, so any ideas

It’s gonna be one of the hardest I think since we can imply that it’s gonna use probably gonna be the epic of this week it will be a challenge we should figure out how we can all defeat so we can get our Christmas epic incubator now ( btw this is not confirmed I’m speculating) meet the opponents.

And there kits are just as impressive
(Ps same order as shown above)

So let’s get some guides and strategies on how to beat this

(Ps it just hit me that smilodon and mammoth both have the same attack)

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Honestly I feel like trystronix would be best against mammoth but it would have to be lvl 20 to survive a hit and level 22-23 to kill it. Or Maxima but it would have to be pretty high lvl and you have to time that II just right to block the rampage. For rhino I think magan would be the best option able to distract and hit it hard, renex would also be good as it can distract, stun and run before the lethal wound kills it. As for smilodon Orion it it’s basically bets counter you go for Long invincibility first turn the null and the a strike then you should be good. The turtle would actually be a very good counter. Carno is also another good counter if you ID the pounce.

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My team will be Procerathomimus, Tryostronix, Erlidominus and Indoraptor Gen 2. Easy win.

Don’t forget that this is a master strike meaning creatures will use there instant moves. Bellow can block erlidoms rampage, and rhino and smilodon have prescise and definitely moves. Plus from the last epic strike battle I don’t trust rng creatures anymore :joy:

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But ya think about it I can work if ya play it right

Yea, I’m aware of that, but I’ll mainly use Tryostronix, Procerathomimus and Indoraptor Gen 2. Erlidominus basically only plays a siderole.

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Lol ya I though about and was oh ya I guess that works but what levels do you have them at

Okay ya you have a good chance at winning :grin::+1:

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My team will be utasino, indo2, proceratomimus all lvl 20 and lvl23 erlidom. I think i can win but will see. :crossed_fingers:

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Honestly it depends cause we don’t k ow who comes out first

Cause it all depends it it’s rhino first or mammoth, smilodon cause one miss calculation and bam ya lost

For all the previous themed towers first was always the themed creature which in this case is the mammoth so around that knowledge I’m gonna base my strategy.

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True but I did that with yesterday’s and stgy came out first throwing my strategy out the window

But yesterday wasn’t a theme strike tower but a normal one with lvl 30 creatures, the themed one was with the brachi.

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Lol true but even then they brought out apato idk why and the switch to giraffe and I was like okay. Or was it maxima that they had honestly we have had so many brachi strikes I forget

Really??? Weird cause when i play the 1st was brachi and the 1st dino who came out on the yesterdays tower was rinex.

That why I’m worried Cause I think it’s different for different people. When I did it again it again sent out stygi

I guess it is. Too bad cause this sucks.

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Ya and I wanted to see if we could come up with a guide or strategy for low lvl players to get a change but guess it kinda impossible