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Christmas week strike events



Well let’s see what we get



What dinos should be used to beat them?
Bleeders? They can impact and run.
Immunes? Not enough HP.
Raptors? Only Vraptor/Delta/Echo/Charlie/Blue are faster.
Tanks? Slow them? Stun them back?


I would go with tanks (stegod, tragod, alankylo) or even indom (if it can dodge one attack :D) + good old dracorex gen2

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If you have Velociraptor at L20 and Dracorex at L20 it’s as simple as pounce, swap in Draco. Then Strike, swap in anything preferably a Stegodeus. Swap Dracorex back in and finish with Vrap once Dracorex is dead or use what ever is left on the bench (Tanycolagreus?) My Draco is at 18 considering if it’s worth the coins. :thinking:


Do you have a higher level tragod?
Because it could go like: open with stegod (slow + apr) swap-in dracorex gen2; swap-out to tragod (counter attack damage) - velo comes in pounce than swap-in dracorex gen2

If tragod is lvl21+ and dracorex gen2 is at least lvl18 it can work :smiley:
Maybe you would invest in tragod rather than dracorex if needed


Have you considered the shield?
I’ve got a L25 Tragodistis 0/1000 to go though.


A Ss, counter attack and Rampage will only do ~1550 through that shield (at L25) I believe. Not sure this is the best plan? I might give it more thought or maybe I’ll just spend the 70,000 coins on Dracorex G2 and stop thinking about this stupid game for a minute and I’ll go and enjoy Christmas instead :christmas_tree: :gift:


Well about the shield, if I am not wrong stygi gen2 shield will be gone at the time I swap-in tragod.
Stygi is dead and you would have dracorex gen2 in. Stygi gen2 comes in and does shielding strike. Next turn I hope it would try impact and run than no shield and draco can swap-out :smiley:
But a lvl25 tragod can pretty much take out stygi gen2 or at least take it down for anything to kill it.

But it is late at night here so maybe I am wrong somewhere in the calculations :smiley:


What? You said open with Tragodistis. Which means you could come up against the epic which is faster and use shield as it’s first move. Leading to my message and series of events. Or am I missing something?
Edit: nope you said Stegodeus my bad!
I really should drink coffee before posting anything on line in future.


Ohh no no :smiley: my plan is to lead with stegod. Stegod (lvl24 for me) can thago + apr for a damage of 2 543 (slow damage*0,5 because of the one turn shield, than it is gone and can take a full hit from apr => maybe it only checks out if stygi uses instant charge on turn 2) than swap-in dracorex gen2 for the kill on stygi epic. After that you can take one hit with dracorex (if no crit) and swap-out to tragod/alankylo

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Oh ok but again don’t you have to halve that damage as Stigi has its shield up which means your not going to do enough damage for Dracorex to get the kill which would be disastrous.

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Oh finally I’ve caught up. I’m not used to a “One Turn Shiled” I couldn’t understand how you were getting that number. Well that makes this much easier. Thanks for taking the time to educate me :smiley:

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hopefully this is how a one turn shield works :smiley: but will find out tomorrow in action


It’s been a while since I’ve played a Stigi in the arena


:smiley: yeah I only had like one friendly battle where the opponent used stygi since the rework of minor stunning strike move

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My Stegodeus is L22 and Tragodistis is L20. Dracorex G2 is at L8 only, not able to kill anything by swapping in.
Then I should bring Velociraptor L20, Stegodeus L22 and Tragodistis L20. Maybe also Indoraptor L23 for dodging luck.


Indoraptor is a great Dino but I’m sure you can find better for this tower