Since its the jolly month of December… maybe a Christmas event is on its way? I mean, there was a Halloween event, and Christmas is just as important!(atleast in my opinion…:slightly_smiling_face:) Would be nice with an advent calendar with new stuff every day!! Or Christmas gifts u could give to friends or something… i dunno… would be nice!:sweat_smile::t_rex::sauropod::gift::tada::santa:


Dino advent calendar–yes, please!


Metahub datamined some likely Christmas events, but it’d take too long to explain so here’s the link to the article. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to have an unlimited treasure hunt for one day only on Christmas lol. I would ride around all day just to try to catch up on evolves… almost all of my dinos need it at least once, some several times. A little reprieve for the free to play players would be nice… just one day a year? Pretty please?

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The advent calendar would be amazing!! It would probably draw in a bunch of new players too.

It seems like Ludia might even be testing this out already too. I look at the map and all I see is majungasaurus. At least with an advent calendar type of idea it would change daily😂.

My guess is we will get to trade epic DNA for a day only

My worry with the possibility of trading epic dna is from what I’ve seen from trading common and rares the amount of epic dna we could possibly trade would be around 5 dna at a time if we’re lucky

Also I feel like a lot of people arnt gona wanna donate their epic dna, at least the ones that you’ll prob want more of

I suppose it depends if you’re in a good alliance or not

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I donate a lot of stuff in my alliance but the stuff that most people want more of are stuff that are prettty rare in general so if I were asked to donate anky, sino, erlikosaurus, Kentro or the such I can’t cuz those are all guys I need more of too :frowning: I’d be happy to donate secodontosaurus tho