Chromaspinus Evolutions

Hey guys, here is every evolution for Chromaspinus:

And here is the final evolution in Photo Mode:

What do you guys think of this creature?? I like the design and everything, but it is quite strange… And expensive— here’s hoping for some less pricy creatures in the future. :crossed_fingers:


Would have liked there to b more color on it’s face and head especially at lvl 20 and 30


And more details in the body other than brighter stripes.


I think cheap hybrids like cera, gorgo and erliph will be a thing of the past now unfortunately.

Seems as if ludia have added an increase in dna to newer hybrids if you look at armormata, pteraquetzal, dracoceratops and if you compare them to their earlier released similar ferocity competitors.

Really love the final evo stat on this one however, it’s not too over the top.


Hello @DantheMan !

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its max lvl look might just be the coolest look in all the game in my opinion.


But none beats Troodon to max level looks :partying_face:

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like common pc gaming today

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Is it better than triceritops max lvl though? Like I’m pretty sure those players who’s been playing jwtg for years now has definitely memorized his max lvl look​:joy::sweat_smile:


No, Troodon beats all

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Hey guys. Since the Forum thinks Chromaspinus will be the next tournament reward, i was wondering about his stats at lvl 1. The data spreadsheet shows his lvl 10 stats. Found this post, but sadly the pictures above miss the lvl 1 stats as well.

My lineup can definately not handle the lvl 10 Chromaspinus, but maybe lvl 1 will be fine. So would be nice, if the original post here can be updated. Or maybe just an reply with the lvl 1 stats would also be fine.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: