Chromaspinus in JWA

Notes: I misspelled the chroma



I would like this guy to be in alive . Although he is basically spino lux

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Igual a mi me gustaría verlo en el juego,se ve genial

Translated from Spanish

Like me I would like to see him in the game, he looks great

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Maybe emergency group heal?

I tried to make it more fierce

Emergency heal is not a fierce move. Just saying, replace emergency heal with emergency group heal from para lux



How will putting wound on an on escape help? Once you swap, all negative effects are gone.

Similar to on escape rampage, the damaged is dealt before they swap.

oh. So it’s basically like a strike

ye but instead DoT

My idea for it:


I think Chromaspinus is a good idea though they might have to make para lux easier to get, it took me 3 months to get it unlocked and 2 more months to get it to level 18.
Maybe you might be able to put it in a sanctuary at level 15 which is a level under what it unlocks at, like how you need level 10 for most epics.

EDIT: Changed to Fierce-Resilient

Custom Chromaspinus JWA


why is it wildcard?

While it does have a Fierce feeling to it with DoT, its effects are kind of all over the place. It probably would be fine as a Fierce too.

Well I wouldn’t say that,

Cleansing = resilient
DoT = fierce
Healing = resilient
Sheild removal/ bypassing armor = fierce
Dodge removal = resilient
Lockdown = neutral

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I’d argue that Cleanse is more Neutral, but the rest make sense. Fierce/Resilient seems more fitting now.

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