Chromaspinus Tournament - 3/31/2022 - 4/4/2022

The Early Bird Gets The Worm…


10 worms


I haven’t seen any official announcements on the Twitter page? Was it on the newsletter or so?

The tournament on the schedule resembles Chroma, and it was in the vote so…

Yes, it was confirmed by newsletter.

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Yes! I was right finally! (And I was a few days early too)

Wait, so the new tournament creature is chromaspinus?

From the newsletter


really ludia

Right when I just maxed up para gen 2

Well, on the bright side I get to keep it maxed


I don’t think winning the hybrids in the tournament unlocks it. At least, I don’t recall there ever being a hybrid tournament that actually unlocks it.

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I’ve never played one myself but a few players that have been playing for years all have said it unlocks the hybrid or talked about not having to use their level 40s for the hybrid so I’m pretty sure it unlocks it.


Oh really? I remember the last tournament hybrid was dunkleosaurus, though i didn’t know that when you win the tournament you don’t unlock it. Still good enough I guess

Edit: You do unlock it.


Every hybrid tournament I’ve participated in is for an unlock: Gorgosuchus, Indominus rex X2, Megarchelon, Metriaphodon, Indominus rex Gen 2 X2, Dunkleosaurus. There’s every expectation this one will be the same


The only time it wouldn’t be for an unlock is if they did it as a bracketed tournament, and then the lower league would only get one copy and no unlock, while the heavyweight league would get a copy and the unlock.

But like @Andy_wan_kenobi said they have always unlocked the Hybrid.


Dang… Chromaspinus is cool and all, but I really wanted another copy of Metria or Dilophoboa…

You missed out on two past Indominus Rex tournaments and the Erliphosuuras and Dunkleosaurus tournament that was the finale of past March Madnesses. Yes, they unlock like any other tournament creature.

Lame. I wanted Dilophoboa.

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I voted for the big snake, but I’ll gladly take the Chromaspinus, since I do not have to wait till I get the Spinosaurus Gen. 2 & the Parasaurolophus Gen. 2 to level 40.

With the size of my backlog, thank Ludia for small favours!

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What is it? I don’t know it’s so hard to tell :thinking: