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Chromospinus Idea

Does this creature look familiar to you that’s right it is a hybrid from JWTG this is mixed with Spinosaurus and Parasaurolophus gen 2

What rating would you give this creature
  • Meh
  • Ok
  • Good
  • Insane

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Would you like a raid for this creature
  • Yes
  • No

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The next 2 polls are only for people who chose yes for the second poll

Please chose 2 minions below
  • Attack minion(Velociraptor)
  • Nullify minion(Diplocaulus Gen 2)
  • Shield minion(Ankylosaurus Gen 2)
  • Shattering minion(Gorgosaurus)

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Which raid would you want it to replace
  • Indoraptor
  • Stygidaryx

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Feel free to add any comments or questions

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Great !!! I love this

I think Raking Strike needs to be downgraded to just Fierce Strike since both of its Rampages already bypass Dodge anyway.

I really hope that ludia adds this dino cause this is a good idea. But increases the rate of para gen 2

Give one heal move other than the counter. So meh.

he doesn’t have a big resilient side to go against i would replace daring strike pars vunerable strike

To the raid I’d say yes and no depending on what it’s moves would be in the raid.

Since P.Lux being a group healer, its good for its unique to have a similar moveset instead of just counter-heal.

My take on Chromaspinus


I would add, Stun 100% and Render 50%

How does Drain on Escape works? All negative effects are removed when swapping out.


The DoT is dealt before they swap.

Similar to how on escape rampage works but instead with damage over time.

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Honestly, with the new addition of Parasauthops on the horizon, I don’t want Chromaspinus. As cool as it is, it’d be two hybrids for the very rare non hybrid legendary, which would be very hard for most of the playerbase to get. Plus, I prefer new fresh idea over just copy pasting dinos from one game to another, with only minor differences, (There are a few exceptions, though.) it feels kind of lazy…