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In this game actually,the king of abilities is with letal wound (which shouldn’t deal the 1X damage) the mighty SHATTERING RAMPAGE
of course,you have aswell,the SISDR which is part of it,why is it so mighty?
Because except distraction,you have nothing really good against it,so when a full charged tryo,a charged gorgo come up,a tryko ready for his second turn or draco enter,you have no clue and the result will oftenly be a loss of 2 dino in a row by dealing poor damage to them.
Thats why,i would submit a new interesting game mechanic which will change the state of this too shiny ability

Chungkingosaurus (rare)

1: Spiky Shield ,priority move,done before the change of dinosaurus.
It create a Red spiky shield in front of your Chungkingosaurus,it DON’T give you any armor and deal 1x damage!
-This shield can be break by using Shattering abilities AND Nullifying abilities
-This shield do nothing against simple strikes or armor piercing abilities
-The shield Mirror the CRIT damage
-It have 0 delay and 0 cooldown,the shield last 1 turn
-It deal 1x damage,we consider first the Movement speed!
it mean ,you create the red spiky shield ,if the opponent is slower than you,he take first the 1X DMG and then if he break the shield,he take mirror dmg
if opponent is faster than you,if he break the shield,he take mirror damage,if he survive,he damage your Chungkingosaurus and then you deal 1X damage.

Once this spiky shield is break,deliver MIRROR DAMAGE.
Tyrannosaurus vs Chungkinglosaurus both lvl 26
-Chungkinglosaurus priority deploy red spiky shield
-Tyrranosaurus use Defense Shattering rampage AND Deal a crit
Result: Chungkinglosaurus take 0 damage and tyrranosaurus receive 5400 dmg,he die

Example 2:
Opponent swap in with a draco vs chungkinglosaurus both lvl 26
-Chungkinglosaurus priority deploy red spiky shield
-opponent draco come into play do SISDR and break the shield
Result:Chungkinglosarus take 0 damage and dracoceratops get 2320 dmg

Example 3:
Indominus rex vs Chungkinlosaurus
-Chungkinglosaurus priority deploy red spiky shield
-Indominus rex “cloaked” use Armor piercing rampage
Result:Chungkinglosaurus take 5080 damage,he die and Indominus rex get 0 dmg

2: Slowing Impact:Deal 1,5x dmg ,reduce opponent speed by 50%
(2 turn cooldown)

3 Regenerate and defend :Heal 50%hp,create a red Spiky shield

So,your thought on his abilities and stats?
Im just afraid he can be Ignored (as the tanks actually),i mean,than the opponent take the time to swap it out and bring a bleeder

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