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Anyone come across Cianan yet? Newsletter made it seem like he was live but I haven’t come across him yet, just wondering if anyone else has?

Not yet. I think we might be seeing them tomorrow.

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I hope it’s Hazel, William or Jasmin honestly. It’s too soon for a new character considering Fei and Gabe are still fresh

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So yeah, been having issues with him. I keep getting and L1-5 network error and then it restarts the game…anyone else???

Me too. I messaged support but what they told me to do isn’t working

Yes I am getting that too. So frustrating

Odd I finished his initial chat :man_shrugging:

I finished the first chat and then the second one was half way through before it came up with L-15 error but it has seemingly been fixed

Oh, I matched with him. I’m sorry if I’m gonna ruin someone’s mood but am I the only one who finds him rather ridiculous than seductive? But I must admit his story is very funny, and his reaction to my flirting is very entertaining :rofl:


It amuses the crap out of me. :rofl:

I swear I can feel him facepalming every time MC plays the innuendo option.


Awwwwww, I’ve just got to the second date with Cianan.

I realized that the first premium choice was worth every diamond spent when I saw an option “He’s been a good Daddy to me” :rofl: I swear I cackled just like an evil witch when I saw it