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Cinco de Mayo and Star Wars strike event idea

Here are the cinco de Mayo and Star Wars strike

For the Star Wars strike it is creatures that are other worldly and for the cinco de Mayo strike they are creatures that are fond in Mexico and creatures related to creatures fond in Mexico
@Blacksaber @Cheeseeater @Snake_Dude @Apple @Altithorax_Perotorum @tommy_paoli @Jurassic_Fury @Mudkipz @Grym_REDACTED @Mohammed_Johnson

Decent, but Inostrancevia shouldn’t be in the Star Wars battle. Maybe Suchotator instead?

I don’t think any of these were found in Mexico. Sinoceratops even has where its from (China) in it’s name. They have relatives there, but lots of things do. Maybe they could do Sonorasaurus? There may be others too (like Glyptodon).

Another option for Cinco de Mayo could be the eagles and snakes, since both of those animals are symbols of Mexico and are featured on the Mexican flag. I think this may be what they end up actually doing.


yes, I wholeheartedly agree that sounds like the best option

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For Star Wars, replace one of them with an Elasmotherium

for star wars, why don’t we include the anakin birb? veloshracos? it already looks like its been burnt to a crisp like anakin/vader
not to mention its gone from yellow to red in the events like from good to bad lol

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Let’s not forget about Mudhorn

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Ah yes, well in that case just put in w. rhino! both are pretty much the same, to me anyways, both can deal major attacks

No. No Wolly Rhinoceros

I’d say Velos (It’s literally nicknamed Anakin), WRhino (I swear the model is ripped from the mudhorn), and one of the Boas for the Krayt Dragon

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this right here is great! ludia if u ever do a Star Wars strike event go with this
though I wonder which boa would be best for the strike, would it depend on the strike lvl of difficulty?

Elasmotherium fits perfectly as a Star Wars strike event

sure it does, but for a main more difficult strike tower I think Velosrachos, W Rhino, and one of the sneks would be best. I guess it could work as well, maybe even megalania if its ever added

I’m just saying Elasmotherium will fit because the design of Mudhorn looks too similar to an Elasmotherium

while I agree both are similar, I just think W Rhino is just more similar, both are rhinos with great big horns with lots of fur and are both monster

It’s just my opinion. That’s it

What about Moschops or Scutosaurus representing the Rancor?

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I search on what that is, and it doesn’t fit. Care to explain

Genius! yes that would also be a nice addition to strike tower opponents, maybe even marsupial lion for nexu?

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Mostly because the animation they use could be seen or expected from a Rancor and their aspects are somehow similar. Rancor is also the most famous Star Wars monster so not using the chance of adding something similar to it would be a big miss

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