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Cinco de Mayo and Star Wars strike event idea

Hmm, can’t find something in Marsupial Lion that could be used as a reference to a star wars monster. Maybe that tiger-like thing from Episode 2?

That’s exactly what the nexu is

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Yes that’s it, if ur talking about attack of the clones where the main characters are chained and put in a battle arena against a cat, spider mantis crab, and rhino, the cat is called a nexu and is what I was referring to

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The thing to me is that Rancor is a bipedal

Lol, I didn’t know that was its name :laughing:

Yes, that would be an issue, but there are enough similarities that can let pass or ignore the bipedal vs quadrupedal part

Hey, as long as we’re pondering crossover events, think we could add these guys to the game? They are decended from Parasaurolophus.


I have a similar Idea for my Charlie and the Chocolate Factory strike event concept
Commons : Velociraptor, Phorusracos, Eremotherium
Rares : Kelenken, Dracorex, Oviraptor
Epics : Erlikosaurus, Maiasaura, Brachiosaurus
Unique : Erlidominus, Utarinex

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