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City park not on the map

Hello. In my town there’s a city park and it’s been there from before the launch of the game, but it’s never been marked as a park in-game. I have actually messaged Ludia support about this a looong time ago and they said they take data from Google maps.
I didn’t do much more back then, but recently with the park being renovated (so it actually looks really nice now) and quite a few new creatures added as park exclusives I thought I should look more into that.
So when I type “city park {My town’s name}” in Google Maps, it does in fact show me my park’s location. Doesn’t that mean it’s classified as a park on Maps? (It’s not marked as green on Google maps tho)

Anyway, I thought this would be the right place to ask what I should do to get my park to be a park in JWA.


I have the same problem with my town. We have two big parks but google maps doesn’t recognise them as such. I did contact google to suggest a change and got an affirmation but nothing has happened since. I think you could do the same. Maybe it just takes a very long time for the change to be updated.

Ok I’ll try that. How did you contact google?

If I remember correctly, there is a contact email on the google maps page. I’ll have a look tonight when I get home.

No, no don’t bother yourself! Thanks! I’ll check that myself

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