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Claim of the level that I have achieved

Yesterday I updated to the latest version of the game and I have reduced the level of all my equipment including all defense attack incubators and quickly removed it. Why? * all the time and money. It is the 2nd time it happens to me. Where the hell should I claim.

If it is better to leave this game. One has invested time and money. And these with a stupid update take away everything invested. Scammers

There might be one or two topics on the subject, try to read up on those before you make any rush decisions :slight_smile:

Hey Donny, there was a Stat Boosts reset from the last update. Please do not worry as the Boosts are returned to you, and you’re able to use them again on your dinos freely.

Hi, I am very disappointed with this game. All the time money I have invested in improving my equipment and my dinos and you come and reset everything. I am sincere and I do not want to start over again. They are scammers and lafroens.

I don’t know about scammers, but at the very least, they should have refunded the stat boosts into in game currency so we could buy coins, coins feel much more valuable then stat boosts at this point(IMO). It’s their decision where they want to take the game, just hope their following agrees.