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Clan alpha points

Would it be possible for Ludia to tell us how they factor individual alpha points? @Ned

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Hey Talisax, you earn the same amount of Alpha Points as Alpha Keys if the Alpha is defeated. However, if the Alpha escapes, the amount is divided by 1.5.

I hope this helps!


Thank you, there is a decay involved as well, correct?
We’ve had cases where some members go up while others go down, even if all hit

Was just looking at an example where one clan member went up the correct amount, one went up less than keys earned and another went down

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There is absolutely a decay going on, possibly scaling, because a relatively new person is nearly at my position of Alpha points, just because he has been top-3 in damage. Meanwhile - some 20k damage done ~15th or less placed person has like 200 points already and they decay less. I could be wrong, but seeing as I have peaked the clan since day 1(except for one or two days under certain conditions) - I should’ve been way far ahead.
Ultimately it’s a good measure for tracking the performance and consistency of your members.

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Our top hitter went down on points today on a victory (6* we have not faced anything higher). Even with a total decay you would think he would have stayed even

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As only the last 5 Alpha battles are taken into count, points could reset if you did not participate in the 5 battles.

If you still have any concerns, do not hesitate to email our support team here at

I’m afraid I don’t get this decay thing… I have a clan I created but it’s fairly new and only today a second person came in so… I am at sea as to there being a “decay” or how it operates.

explain it to me pls. how 1° place before alpha is 3° after alpha?

1- First image Boose in clan 1853 AP
2- Boose 3° place in alpha n received 105 keys, so 1853+105 right
3- After alpha Boose lose 30ap 1823 .
resume if her receive 105ap so 1958, not 1823.


i think @Ned had explained, read it some more.

alpha points is accounted for the last 5 battle.
so even if you are 1st place say you got 1000 points
but your best one is the first, by the time new alpha come up, you will lose your great first alpha battle points and replaced by new alpha points. so anything could happen in just a day.

maybe this illustration will help, still cmiiw
1 300 total 300
2 250 total 550
3 200 total 750
4 150 total 900
5 100 total 1000
6 100 total is not 1100 but total from 2 to 6, so it is 800


That would make sense, but the most keys you can get from one alpha is 150. Times 5 is 750. That is obviously not what is occurring
@Ned Can you enlighten us as to what we’re not understanding

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Hey Vikings! If I may jump in and add to what @Ned previously said.

The Alpha point system is as follows: points are accounted for the LAST 5 battles only and not cumulative. The points are also affected by the difficulty of the Alpha and if you have defeated it or not.

Without diving too much into the algorithm and formula itself, these factors will determine your overall Alpha Points.

Hopefully this helps!


Than you, it can you explain why our top hitter would have his points go down when we defeat our highest level titan (6*)?

Also why do some members go up by the exact number of bonus keys on a 6* which would seem as if there was no multiplier for alpha difficulty?
Thanks again

Like the people above said - last 5 days. Which means that your top hitter was placed lower on the last boss than on the boss 6 days ago, so he had something to lose. If he is consistently placed #1 every day - theoretically his points shouldn’t change.
Same with people going up - maybe they weren’t there 6 days ago, or missed a day, and now they are stacking the points up.
Not sure about any multiplies, but Ned said that escaped Alphas’s rewards are divided by 1.5, so if the last 6th day was a defeat, and today was a victory, and a theoretical member was ranked the same in both fights - he’d get the “1.5x” difference.

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But he placed first and on the highest alpha we defeated. At worst he should have stayed the same and at best he should have gone up. Going down makes no sense

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@Marcus @Ned can you explain why the top hitter of an alpha would have his ap go down I stead of stay the same or rise? It seems that there must be a bug.

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If your Clan member could write into our support team with their support key, our team would be happy to take a closer look for them, @Talisax.


No idea why it’s that way.

Technically, and according to your screenshot data, Boose - and I guess that’s you - should have gotten the 150 keys leading him to total 1958, and StephieHBB should have gotten to 1652, not 1692, considering she got 150 keys but previously had a sum of 1402. Also, Novel should have went to a sum of 1893 as he/she previously had 1803 points and during that Alpha war he/she gained 90 keys. Instead, he/she seem to have gained 45 keys, half of what the battle charts indicate. Perhaps it’s because some other member played as well and got the same points so they split? I really don’t know.

This is a headache. One I might have to deal with when enough members come into my team.

As of now, though, I am not sure if what happened there with your clan partners and you had anything to do with your last 5 Alphas, or if this was on the next Alpha and it’s a bug. I can’t delve into the numbers too much either.

And I also don’t know if you got any satisfactional answer to this matter. I am going to assume you haven’t, since there doesn’t seem to be any upvotes to the people that replied to you below, well, by you. So, may I ask if you guys - or at least you - contacted (mailed) support specifically and found any resolution on the matter that’s been concerning you?

We figure it out. Thank Ludia :slight_smile:

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