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Clan Battle Log - Requests

Hi Ludia Team,
Thank you for the inclusion of battle log and last 5 alpha battles history.

I would like one step further of the following if possible. I would like to track the alpha damage per energy for clan improvement and progress. With Ludia giving free energies, purchase of clan packs, sometimes the number of hits not consistent, I am unable to grab this data easily.

May I request either one of the following?

  1. Ranking will indicate number of hits recorded.
  2. Battle log can be copied to text / shared in other apps as csv file.
  3. Some sort of API that we can extract the data from Ludia server and we can add this into our signature etc as well.

It will be fun tracking which kind of alpha strat works on which colour and see how we are improving over time.

I would believe no 1 is the easiest to implement and hope it is possible on the next update :slight_smile:


Yes please! I love the battle log but it’s a bit cumbersome to scroll through. I like seeing everyone’s damage per hit, but it could definitely be organized better. It would be much more useful to see it maybe organized by player and broken down by damage per bolt rather than time if that makes sense. At a very minimum, can we reverse the order so that most recent hits are shown first to avoid scrolling to the bottom each time? :blush:


I agree.

The Battle Log is awesome. But, please fix the scrolling.

Also, a couple of toggle buttons at the top would be nice:

Toggle Button
Sort by Player | Sort by Timestamp

Toggle Button
Regular Order | Reverse Order


Yes! I love the toggle button idea! That would definitely help a lot.

I would like us to somehow be able to download battle log info so clans can use them instead of manual input. Might be a stretch of a request but would be awesome

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