Clan Bruce is looking for members

Hi guys clan Bruce is looking for 10 new members. We have had to let go about half the clan as those members just didn’t battle the alpha regularly.
We are after people who will battle the alpha at least once a week but we really want people who will battle once a day or more.

Cheers guys hope to fill our ranks quickly

I’m not good enough, for alpha, but I have only played for 2 months and I battle constantly,
Best of Luck all the same, Regards

Trainer ID: Bilfred #1377

We are fine with new players, over time you will level up. So long as you battle the alpha regularly we are happy and that will help you level up by help us defeat alphas and get alpha chest

I lost half my clan to a cheater who took over. I have 9 players and we are looking to merge clans. We can knock out 5-6* alphas with our little clan. We used to battle 7-8* alphas every day. Are you still looking for members?

I m a regular player but I m in search of a clan who fight daily if you want me in your team I will be happy to join you just tell me how to join your clan because I m new and recently joined the game in last few months