Clan Chat Missing

So since yesterday my Clan chat will occasionally just disappear. Restarting the game or even my phone does not seem to fix it. If anyone knows of a fix.

I had this bug yesterday but didnt seem to care,thinking it’s a bug. And I was right. I did my alpha damage and left the game. When I got back it seemed to be fixed. Try waiting a bit of more time. If it isnt fixed you may contact support,because there are a lot of bugs lately.

For me, restarting does fix it, but it may also go completely out of sync. Have been having issues with clan chat desyncing and not show the clan at all or display my mates there as 0s (Name#000 and 0 Alpha Points), then it sorta chilled a little and it became less often, though a new recruit did experience it too. Then comes yesterday and brings forth the not so nicely blank chat and complete desyncing. Hopefully the update will fix it, but I’m struggling to download it due to storage space.