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Clan energy bug

There is a bug going with the clan energy for months and the devs are not looking into it.when you play only one round against an alpha,it sometimes takes two energy and not just one,when our alpha appeared today I had only 2 energy, I played just one round but it took those 2 energy, and whenever I tell ludia that I lost energy they say that they can’t compensate anymore because they already did before,and always keep saying that it can reoccur until the team finds a solution, but they are not even looking into it it seems because they never said a word about it,this has been going on for months one of my clan members used to lose 2 energy every single day after playing only one round and I also keep losing it most of the time. @marcus,@ned,please let the team know about this because we are not able to help our clan mates to defeat alphas that much, thanks.

I’m sorry that happened with your Alpha battle, itami, and I can definitely understand your frustration. Please rest assured that our team is actively working on a fix for this issue.

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Really? That’s good.will it be fixed in the minor update that will happen in the next few days? Thanks.

I can’t give an estimated time, but we hope it’ll get addressed in the next update.

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