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Clan Ideas

I was thinking of possible further clan ideas:

  • Will there ever be an option for people to trade between clan members?
  • Will Clan members be able to send gifts to each other? Like fish, coins, scales or maybe runes?
  • Will Clan members be able to battle with each other, sort of like a friendly competition style?

This is the only suggestion I think ludia might entertain, the rest might hurt their bottom line so I wouldn’t count on it.

I like the idea of being able to send gifts to clan members. Other mobile games you’re able to send gifts to your friends list, so why not be able to do something similar? It wouldn’t even have to be anything insane either. Maybe randomized between like 1000 coins/fish, 5-10 runes, 10 eggs, etc.

Battling clan members would also be a neat idea. Although I know I’ve encountered members already in arena, it would be neat to be able to select members. Then we could more easily offer/receive advice on where to improve instead of having to hope we encounter a member randomly (I know those of us who use discord can post our rosters for advice, but being able to battle and experience it would be better imo).

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