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Clan in development - "Fury Guardians" recruitment post

Fury dragons are one of the most intelligent, streamlined, adorable, stealthy, powerful dragons in existence. They were tasked to protect the earth from malice. When villains rose, they started killing the Furies so they would be free to take over the world. Dragon hunters like Grimmel reduced the Fury population a lot, drove Night Furies to extinction and Light Furies to rarity. Today, it’s up to their human and dragon friends to not only assist the Furies in saving this corrupted world, it’s up to them to do what they can to save a most awesome species from extinction. Up to us.

If you like the Furies, like me, then this is your clan. Fury Guardians.

Terms of membership, or guardianship as I like to call it, are simple:

  1. To become a guardian, you need to have a dragon battle team of at least 2800 points and growing. My reason for this is simple: while I don’t have a problem with adding complete rookies, I want everyone in the clan to be quite equal to each other, able to strike at raiders, so that when the clan develops to higher classes I won’t have to kick you out then. Other clans have no problem kicking players out, but I would prefer for my own team to grow with members that will stay united.

  2. You need to be active, of course, and if possible use at least half of your daily energy to help with Alphas. If you need to take a leave of absence, in order for me to not think you’re inactive, you should inform beforehand. And for the case of something happening that you cannot control, like not having access to Internet, I am putting a maximum period of inactivity of a week before kicking anyone out.

  3. You need to check the chat for notifications, and I would also prefer that you use it from time to time. And because the game’s chat is more than a little frustrating, I am going to create an outside social network team you’ll need to become a member as well. If you don’t feel like talking all the time, that’s fine with me, but a minimum of communication is basic for any clan.

  4. Be kind to your clanmates, do not use lowlife vocabulary, do not refer to others in any non-polite manners.

  5. Follow the terms and guidelines provided by the game. If you don’t, as the lead guardian, I might kick you out of the clan. I hope it doesn’t come to that.

  6. When you encounter an issue regarding clan activity, like a bugged raider Alpha, you inform the clan.

  7. Know English (or Greek). I am bilingual but the clan is of global range so the formal language is English. No country regulations for you.

So far, the clan has two active members, me and my first mate. Despite the difficulties of being only two, we have managed to beat 3 1-star Alphas so far and can do so once per 2 days.

The clan is fairly new, so be patient when we don’t just wake up on the top ranks. We’re currently in development, and looking for fellow guardians to assist with the cause.

If you’re interested in becoming a Fury Guardian, state your trainer ID and code down below so I can add you. If you have any questions regarding the clan, don’t hesitate to say so, in a comment or in a private message.

All humans and dragons welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:

How are things going for you since you posted this?


Okay, I’ll be honest with you…

First of all, this is the 3rd version of the post. Rewritten and updated. The initial post was drowned by the other posts in this category, and only after editing it it attracted some attention. Only it wasn’t by people who were interested in joining. They were clan owners offering a place in their clan.

Secondly, I hadn’t had any achievements and stuff to post at the time, but then I did make some, so yeah, update! No player has asked to join, though I released the rewritten version of the post just yesterday so that’s to be expected. I think.

So yeah, no new recruitment has happened, though my clan is doing better when Alphas are concerned, due to hard work from me and my clanmate.

Now, if I may ask, what is it you’re interested in?