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Clan Leader Messages

I have a suggestion for having a clan leader message!
It would be nice if the clan leader would be able to write a message that all the members see when they open the game on their screen. If it’s something important, it won’t be lost in the clan chat if other members write there a lot. The leader would have a choice on writing normal message or this leader message(however you would like to call it :sweat_smile: ). That way, even if the members don’t look at the chat for some reason, they would still see it.

Thank you for reading :blush:

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I actually like this idea even better than\in addition to the pinning messages suggestion! We’ve had problems in the past with people forgetting to check the chat before battling, so a pop up would be awesome for ensuring they get the message.

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Great suggestion, will share with our team!


You could use discord…?

Not everyone uses Discord, though. Or cares to.

It’s nice to be able to have a light version vis a vis in game chat for the important and/or small things without having to make a commitment to something like Discord.