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Clan Leveling?

Ok, so this might never happen, but someone brought it up in another topic, and it sounded pretty cool, so im going to elaborate on it and bring forth some new ideas to light!

What if (once clans come out) they introduce a “Clan Level” system, where it takes all of the members in your clan, and calculates your level for the entire clan. They more your people in the clan level up and power up their dragons, the more your clan levels up, and the more your clan levels up, the more members you can have, until you reach a cap of 50.

However, there is more! They could make like Clan Wars and Seasons to go along with it, so when one clan fights another, whichever wins gets rewards depending on what happened in the battles/how long it lasted. The thing with Seasons is that whichever clan holds the top 5 spots, (yes, 5 because only 3 clans getting rewards is pathetic, and no other game only does 3) gets rewards at the end of each season. These can consist of fish, gold, runes, drafts, and eggs. (Maybe even some free normal drafts?) Obviously the higher clan rank you are at the end of the season, the better the rewards are!

This will encourage players to play more and help out their clan, making them want to get to the top of the leaderboard for those sweet rewards waiting there for them.

Some people might not like this, but it just popped into my head, and I would love to hear everyone’s opinions on it! (Even if they are bad let me know)

  • Thanks for Reading, Toothless

That’s a pretty good idea… maybe it can be a small amount but maybe there’s like clan missions that the rewards you get from it level up as you (and your clan) do things like fight in the arena, get a certain amount of fish/(gold or whatever it’s called) or something (and you and your clan will get stuff as the missions that you have to do to level up the mission where like one mission gives…
for example, Toothless trust points (and yes Toothless1 I’m saying this because I’m trying to make you (the real you not the dragon… dah)
trust me more… idk how that would help but anyway back to my idea)
Level 1: 10 trust points
Level 2: 20 trust points
Level 3: 30 trust points
Level 4: 40 trust points
Level 5: 50 trust points
And so on
(and yes I know that this would be similar to JWA but why not… at least try it?)

Not fair to make stronger clans bigger imo. They are already stronger, making them bigger further increases their power making it harder for 9ther clans to compete


I guess, but the people that are willing to play should be allowed to at least gain something from it.

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Yeah @Toothless1 I think the same lol

But @Talisax is right… except it’s not like all of the people that have like 3,000+ power (or whatever it’s called) would all be in a clan together lol I mean maybe but still a pretty low chance…

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But once they get going, it would be difficult to catch them. These are the best rewards in the game and there should be a path for newcomers to get there as well