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Clan member acting suspicious

Someone in my clan is acting very strange and I dont know what all info the support will need since I dont have that clan members support key for support to look into their account, but they are doing an average of 1.2 Million damage to the alpha per turn 1 alpha energy. I know i’ve had good streaks where I can do sometimes 140K in one energy, but over or close to a million I find highly suspicious. They have been doing this for 3 days, and it also was 3 days ago they joined the clan.



Hey FlyingWolfPuppy, if you can include the clan members name/4 digit number code next to their name when reaching out to our team at, our team can take a closer look.


Email is acting kind of slow and some emails I send take a while to go to send. I sent you the name and 4 digit number code

Hey FlyingWolfPuppy, if your email is not working, our team can also be reached through the in-game Help & Support.

Tap on your player’s level icon > Settings > Help & Support. Once the menu pops up, tap on the chat bubble icon at the upper right corner.

Please let me know if that works. :slight_smile:

We have the same problem in our clan today.
I have send an email to the support.
What should we do, wait or kick that member?
I don’t want to risk a ban for more clan members who have nothing to do with it. @Ned

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Same in my clan a few minutes ago

Already reported and kicked

Hello all. What do you think of this one.

Already reported.

I’m fighting 10* alphas and they don’t even have that much health, I mean srsly 10M damage.

Hello Sienna, this alpha was a 6 stars, and this guy comes in, hits once and walks away. First I find this behevior questionable, and also i would like to know how it’s possible to make 10M on a 2,5M alpha.

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It’s not, unless you’re cheating

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Sorry, i was wrong. It was a 2M alpha which is why i would like to know how this is possible.