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Clan Member Cap


What is the clan member cap, just asking any of the devs. @Marcus gonna need to know if I gotta close the clan before we get too many people wanting to join lol


Very good point! Glad you asked :wink:

The cap is 25 members per Clan.


Is there a certain level you need to be to be able to join/create a clan?


Ok thanks @Marcus!


Yes, level 6!


Marcus,When will you release it please ??


can you increase The cap of the Clan by leveling the Clan or something?

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^ THATS A GREAT IDEA! Im making that a new topic.


Currently not part of the design, but noted :wink:


@Toothless1 I see your active here and there. I play alot on the game itself. If you end up making/joining a clan, I’d like to tag along. 100% not cause i love toothless :eyes: stop looking at me


@Yohomie of course you can join!


Do not forget me in the list of 25 please.


Add me, Julien1991 # 0019


I’d like to upvote on the “Increase clan member capacity”


If they increase clan, then they have to rebalance alphas. I say wait and see until it is all working before we ask for an increase