Clan Merge


I am looking for one or more clans to merge with. My clan has been stuck with around 15 members for a while. We are currently working on 5-6 star alphas. I’m sure there are other clans that arent full…I’m thinking a merger would help get us higher level alphas.

Potentially interested! Let me ask other members of my clan. In theory, we have 22 members right now, but only about half are regularly active. We too are currently taking down 5-6 star alphas (yesterday we took down a 5 star with only 8 people participating) so I bet we could do much bigger ones together! Are all 15 of your members active?

Logistically I’m not sure how we would combine but I’m sure we could figure it out. We don’t have Discord, I hope that’s not a deal breaker.

We Knock down 10 stars Alphas and 2 spots open … Join us if you active minimum 5k player…

Hey, thanks for the reply. We have a solid 7-8 active members. We can take down 5 star alphas with just 5 members. We don’t use Discord either. The name of our clan is Berserker Fury. My members would prefer to keep our clan name, so in order for it to work you guys would need to move over to our clan. Let me know…I’m pretty sure we would be battling 7 stars together.

This is exciting! I posed the question to my clan over chat and will let you know what I hear over the day as people log in.

Should be a go. I will let the members know the name of your clan and hopefully we can start migrating over tomorrow after we finish off the alpha we started today.

Sounds good!

I see most if not all your clan has come on over. Let me know if you need more room, I will kick some inactives.

Ok. There are still a few more who don’t seem to have logged in today so may not have seen the message that we are moving. I’ll plan to be the last one who moves over, otherwise I fear I’ll leave and close the clan down and they won’t be able to see the name of the new clan they should be searching for. If you are getting full, might be a good idea to kick some inactives to make space for a few more stragglers!

Sounds good. We have 5 open spots now. I gotta say, I’m pretty excited about this.