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Clan name moderated for no reason

Hello, I’m the leader of Fury Guardians Alliance, a multi-clan organization.
We’re having issues naming our new expansion clan because your filter keeps getting anything we create with the FGA stamp moderated. FGA stands for Fury Guardians Alliance, why you ban it? Makes no sense. You also have clan name restricted to a certain number of characters so the only way we can submit some clan names we have in mind is to shorten the Fury Guardians reference to FGA, right before the actual name.
Please tell me why you ban something that is not offensive and tweak your filters in order. @Ned

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Hey Featherwing, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key and your clan name that is being moderated so our team can take a closer look for you?


Here’s the tricky part; I have 3 accounts. I was trying to make expansion clans through my 2nd and 3rd (this one’s a visitor), to give a new clan over to someone within the alliance to lead and develop. I had the moderation happen with anything involving the FGA stamp, made sure it’s not my 2nd account that has an issue. And it happens after submitting clan name. It appears for a few secs then gets changed to “Some clan”. Then I rename to the max, delete and keep experimenting. Should I recreate the clan I was making last, or can support work with the past logs on my accounts? I’ve spent 150 runes through the 2nd and 3rd accounts already

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I would recommend contacting them on your main account, Featherwing, so our team can take a closer look at the moderated phrase.

I don’t think you’ll need to recreate your clan, however. :thinking:

My main account leads Fury Guardians, stays put. Unless you meant me using my main mail for info? I can do that and include what transpired with the other 2 accounts I guess. I have all 3 support keys :slight_smile:

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That would be perfect, thanks, Featherwing!