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Clan Name

I created a clan and put the name Hufflepuff as the clan name. When I closed the game after getting confirmation the clan was created and was done doing everything else I wanted, all seemed fine. Just went in to try and play some more since i still had energy to find my clan name is gone and replaced with “some clan.” I tried changing it wasting 1 of the 3 chances to change the name and it worked but when I closed again to see if it would happen, the name was back to being “some clan.” How would one go about fixing this without wasting all those very limited chances of changing a clan name? I know it isn’t a big deal right now seeing as i am currently the only one in my clan since i just created it, but i would like to actually have a name instead of “some clan” when i actually had a name and get my name back. Any help would be appreciated.

Exactly the same for me just with a different clan name, but still not works

Is your in-game name Meglei? If it is then it’s just a visual error cause I can search a clan named Hufflepuff. If it’s not, then it is likely to be that someone has taken the name

I’m sorry to hear that happened with your Clan’s name, @HoshiRinMaro. If you reach out to our support team here at with your support key, our team would be happy to take a look into this to see what the issue could be.

Made a clan and took it privately so a friend was sure to join it. But now I want it public so that more people can join. Nowhere I can do this. And if no one joins the clan, and then I want to delete it do I get back what I used to make it? Not so fun to have a clan nobody joins …

@Dipper no my name is not that. My name in game is the same as here. Really hoping it can be fixed. Although not sure I would want that name if someone else has similar (I put hufflepuffs) as I do not like doubling up on names even if they are technically different by a letter.

@Ned what would the support key be? I was going to try emailing before posting in here but I could not find any contact or other info for support which is why I made this post.

Your support key is the 8 letter code that is on your loading screen when you launch the game. It can also be found in your Viking profile. I hope this helps!

I’m sorry to hear that your Clan was set to private, @hkmagnussen. At the moment, there isn’t a way to change this setting once your Clan is created. However, our team has noted the feedback from everyone and will forward the request for future updates.