Clan problem

I was a clan leader and accidentally made an inactive member a leader. Not active at all. what can I do ? :woman_facepalming: @Ned

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I’m sorry to hear that happened, Jamokaa. Sadly, the player you transferred the leadership to will have to log in to switch the leadership back.

:woozy_face: :pensive: a solution should be brought to this. It came to my thought. It can happen to anyone and always stays in an inactive one.

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I’ll definitely bring this up with our team. May I ask if you received a confirmation message when you promoted your clan member to leader?

I can not remember all of a sudden :frowning:

They come to the clan and they never play. I’m throwing him out because I’ve been active for months. I have loyal members and sometimes we get tired of following those who don’t play. as thoughtful as it is now :frowning:

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Suggestion for clan leaders:

2 buttons too close together. that is, it is inevitable to accidentally lead inadvertently instead of throwing inactive. I did. !

The 2 buttons should be further away from each other.

for inactive players, time must be set. that is, the member who does not play within a certain time must be discarded by the format.

Because it’s exhausting to follow.

Some regulations are a must. because they become members and take up space. It is unfair to us, and a member we throw is coming back and we are in a difficult situation

@Ned :pray:


Thank you for the suggestions, Jamokaa. I’ll share them with our team.


I’ve just accidentally made someone clan leader lol. Please could a confirmation button be added for this