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Clan Settings

Something really needs to be done about the clan settings. We should be able to change from a public clan to a private one. Why? Simple, people keep joining the clan even though they don’t have the right requirements and whats worse we can’t kick them if they have attacked the alpha because then you run into a bug that causes the alpha to disappear without giving you any keys.

Or at the very least allow us to set hard requirements. So that someone who only has 2k bp can’t just immediately join a clan that fights high level alphas. I mean what do you expect them to do in such a clan?


Thank you for the feedback and suggestion, @Zhyan!

Also regarding the clan settings, Clan leaders should be able to lock down at a certain level of alphas. Every clan has to continuously fight an alpha they can kill ( lets say a 6 star), only to fail at 7 star and go back to 6… that cicle goes on and on, its not progression, its torture!