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Clan size


I think the clan size should be fifty an I think more people might agree with me but if not then please tell me I am ignorant of the people


Hello @Zephyr2562,

Currently, the maximum Clan size is 25 members. I’ll share your suggestion with our Developers and if this makes sense, perhaps they will be willing to increase it. Thanks for sharing!

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Its tuff. If you make the max to big, the big clans will have it to easy. I would love to fit 50 in Valhallas Finest, but I think the devs wont have all the big players in one spot.

Thanks for the Alpha btw. fun 1 min :stuck_out_tongue:


Most likely the max players is are calculated this way:

(Server pressure) \ ((highest realistic level of alpha) \ (highest realistic damage per player)) = 25


Thank you @Marcus for the response and if it works out thank you for at least reading my post and bringing it to the devs

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Also thank you to who ever else responds for paying attention to my post :grin: