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Clan system?

I am pretty sure that someone has brought this topic up previously, but I was wondering if the game could feature like a clan/group system where you and your friends could chat along with trading resources to each other. Is that something the community might be interested in?


The chat system might be something they would implement, however the trade system I could never see them putting in, this could be abused in so many ways and might actually lose money for ludia in the long run, but I do like the idea

That is a fair point, especially with hackers in the game.

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The community is interested Ludia is not. Their stance on it previously is that JWA exists for this type of play and JWTG will stay in its own lane and not blur the lines between the two games. Or at least I feel like I remember that from something somewhere which does make sense.

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I dont know why Ludia is aginst real online for jwtg. If they improve security to make impossible hacking and ban hackers/ or reset their resources, with the fact that banned hackers would still be able to request a reset of their games, or start a new game and play (they just could no longer cheat). So, then game can be release as online one, aliances, trades, messages other players, real pvp, friend mactchech, real pvp tournaments. I am sucre this can make your game top. a much players want to it. I personaly think Ludia is just lazy do that and uses jwa as excuse, bec yes some events maybe sounds identic, like raid aliance missions, alliance tournaments, and alliance missions, BUT jwa and jwtg arent simmilar game system is very different. and making excuses that another game already has it is nonsense is poor, sorry but why i shloud care jwa has it? its like we have two different games game 1 is online but game 2 dont be, bec game 1 already is, no matter that games arent the same bad luck for you people, like what? where is logic? jwa isnt mine favorite game much, i love this one much more so i want this game will be hare next for years and be much greater than already is. But sad is the fact Ludia dont listen us, players very much. I sometimes say for myself why there is suggestion senction then? just of my 99,9 sugestions are ignored without a word, how do you think i feels then? and others players too?

Dont understanding me bad, i dont want just critizice Ludia, they made good thinks for us, like new hybrids creatures vip functions etc and i like it original rate was star bec my top favorite dino - Allosaurus is just some fake model and not allosaurus and even some of us please ludia more than once they fix allo, nothing happen, and that is case how ludia dont listen to us, but i change mi original rate to stars, bec Ludia have been really trying lately to keep the game entertained and I’m grateful that the game is still here, but ludia shuld more listen to their players and not just wait for feedback from us and then be a surprised if some feedback are bad, what was for etc, a sence of reduction of buck and waiting for feedback what ludia did expect anything other than that the feedback would be bad?

So ludia must starts to listen to us and no just waiting on our feedback.

BTW is there a way someone from Ludia can read this?

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I’d be satisfied if Ludia even gave unlock events for creatures that were previously in battle stages. But yes, I like the idea of clans.

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If you mention one of the support staff in the post, I’m not sure who to mention.

I like the ideas but this is more of a solo game and I think ludia wants to keep it that way, hackers aren’t much of a worry to them as they do sorta advertise the game aswell.

Back in the day it was more PvP but has been moulded to more solo gameplay over time.

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