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Do we have an ETA on when the Clan and Arena sections will be available?


Hello @StormAstrid,

Our team is working hard to deliver Clans for the next update. We’ll share more info when we can!

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Im waiting every day to see some new content…
For a week Ludia shared a clan pic on instagram…
So please … release it !!
Its getting a bit bored…
Other games dont stack so long …so please work harder and faster :wink:
Ludia isnt a new or small company…they know how to make good games !


They are also a free game company. I’m sure plenty of users buy runes, but many do not. There are also zero ads beyond the one hiding in your mail box, which means they aren’t getting a ton of ad revenue beyond the tapjoy deals users might like.

They can only move as quickly as they are funded, and even then, there are only so many hours in the day.

If you are no longer entertained, you should probably find something else until the next update. It looks pretty immature to place such demeaning demands on developers simply because you like the game a lot (how much can you really like it if this is how you feel?)

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