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Clans, Friends, Trading and more


I’m just going to suggest some ideas that I think would be great for this game, first of all you should be able to battle against friends which is very obvious as being able to compete against friends is always fun. I also think being able to create clans with friends would also be fun and whenever you win a battle you’d earn rewards for your clan or tribe. Being able to trade isn’t necessary however would be very cool to maybe trade Dino’s, dna or incubator’s with others to help each other out. I also think renaming you dinosaurs would be very cool as it adds a more personal touch to the dinosaurs. Being able to upgrade your drone with a longer battery, faster shooting etc. and being able to upgrade and change your darts into ones that collect more DNA, ones that slow the Dino down and ones that make the centre of the circle bigger. These are just some cool ideas for the game


These are all great points. I specially agree with the more social ones. This is an online game that would benefit a lot from using that for a more social aspect. Right now our only contact with other players is battling, and we don’t even always battle real people. As many have pointed out already, battling friends shouldn’t give any kind of rewards to prevent people from abusing it, but we should be allowed to do it for fun!! Clans would be nice although I’m not sure how they’d work right now, we would need some kind of clan goal but I’m sure it can be done to make it interesting. As for trading, I’m all for it. I suppose cash could never be traded, to prevent people from creating false accounts to get more free incubators and more cash, but trading coin for dna could be amazing. Both coin and epic/legendary dna are hard to come by and there would be interesting deals in there.

But I kind of agree with literally everything. Renaming dinosaurs YES, it’s useless but cool and it shouldn’t be hard to implement. And the idea of different kinds of darts to make targeting easier is really cool


Love your ideas! I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought renaming dinosaurs should be a thing. I would also like the addition of achieving goals and get rewards from it, like new logos, DNA, cash, etc. But these are just ideas…

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