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Clan's reward system should be reworked + dragon pieces system

I’m end-game player (has team of fully leveled 5 :star: dragons with total BP 8k+), and I don’t see any reason to be in clan. Why? Because after quest reward rebalance they became completely unprofitable. Yes, they still useful for new players due they can get 4 :star: dragons from chests, but for players such me… it’s not a reason. Also, 10 :star: alpha chest (from important things) gives you only 35k of fish. Without clan you can get same amount (or even more) by completing fish quests with much less effort. I’m not talking about scales, because it’s horrible story. And Meave’s Buffalord: dragon isn’t worth itself and a lot of players already got 3 copies or even more. But bigger problem is that it’s only TP dragon obtainable in alpha chests (don’t count seasonal, amount of their TP doesn’t allow you to get them only trough alpha chests).

Well, enough of writing walls of text and let’s go to suggestions:

This system should replace alpha keys. Also this system must encounter replacing alpha chest with clan shop (what is it - look lower).

  • How to obtain it?
    By fighting alphas. Alphas with higher stars will give more points. Also they will depend on a player’s dealt damage to alpha and place in clan leaderboard. If your clan won’t defeat alpha in time, you and your clan mates won’t get additional reward based on their place in leaderboard (like now with keys).

  • Where I can use it?
    In clan shop to buy different things.

This system will replace alpha chests. Clan shop will work similar to Thawfest Emporium with some exceptions.

  • How it works?
    Clan shop has 12 positions of items that you can buy. Clan shop refreshes every day, but you can also refresh it for runes. Every position has it’s own tier and every day changes it tier (it means i.e. 6 position was one tier, but tomorrow it can be another tier). Higher tier - higher price and greater items. Items in shop can repeat. Every position has fixed amount that you can buy. If you bought all items in position, you should wait until shop refresh or refresh it for runes.

  • What is position tiers?
    Position tier determines what item and price will be in position. Remember: higher tier - higher price and greater items. There will be 4 tiers:

  1. Legendary Tier (1’st tier):
    Count of positions that can appear: 0-1 (can appear or even not). Possible items: large resource chests (fish, coins, eggs), energy chests (except clan energy), elite dragon pieces (what is dragon pieces - look lower), runes.

  2. Epic Tier (2’nd tier):
    Count of positions that can appear: 1-3. Possible items: medium resource chests (fish, coins, eggs), unique dragons trust points (only that obtainable in regular trust events, such as Toothless, Light Fury, Meatlug and other. So you can’t buy Glaivedriver’s or Skullcrusher’s trust points here. Also you have chance to buy seasonal dragons trust points during its trust events), 3 :star: scales, 5 :star: sheep, 5 :star: dragon pieces (except hybrids, unique and elite).

  3. Rare Tier (3’rd tier):
    Count of positions that can appear: 3-5. Possible items: small resource chests (fish, coins, eggs), premium draft token, 4 :star: sheep, exploration and arena energy, 2 :star: scales, 4 :star: dragon pieces (except hybrids), 4 :star: sheep, Meave’s Buffalord trust points.

  4. Common Tier (4’th tier):
    Fills all positions what left. Possible items: coins, fish, eggs, regular draft tokens, 3 :star: sheep, 1 :star: scales, 3 :star: dragon pieces (except hybrids).

Dragon pieces is a system similar to trust points, but applicable to all dragons except hybrids and unique (elite doesn’t count). If you earn enough dragon pieces of required dragon, you’ll gain it. Count of pieces depends on dragon’s rarity. I.e., to obtain 3 :star: dragon you’ll need 5 pieces of this dragon, 10 to obtain 4 :star:, 25 for 5 :star:, 50 for elite. Of course, it can be any other numbers, I just gave an example. If you don’t have enough pieces of dragon what you need, you can’t use pieces of other dragon even if they’re same rarity. To obtain Torch you’ll need 5 pieces of Torch, not any other dragon.

  • How to obtain it?
    Clan shop, weekly quests, Thawfest Emporium, special offers, rune shop.