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Clans should be Clans and not only a list of members

What a CLAN needs:


  • Leader + 1-2 Champions + 2-4 Officer
  • Activitylist (last login, alpha attacks/day…)
  • Ranking (max power team / best 25 Dragons / …)
  • Achivments (Clan logo for beating 1-10* Alphas, …)


  • Clanchat
  • Guildboard (A clanchat that a leader/champ can edit to add rules, information, … for members)
  • PM function for 1:1 communication
  • Dragon Posting: Post your dragons (up to 5) and let other see them, to discuss about

(should be >33% playtime and not <5%)

  • Alpha fight: choose between solved stars (only leader)
  • Dragon hoard (beat like arena system xx teams as a clan)
  • clan wars (like arena but for all clanmembers, you can choose your enemy from enemyclanlist)
  • other teamwork modes

25 members are not much people, often Clans grow fast to a strong big family - like Valhalla Family - with a main clan, some side/sister clans and a clan for newbees.

  • it would be great to have a clanstructur InGame with Leader-options that allow to check whats going on in other clans and write with them in chat.
  • Member exchange between sister-clans: invite player for an open spot and join on accept.


  • I am missing a lot member statistics
    – Join date
    – last log in
    – alpha attacks (1-#x, how often in the last week, …)

  • I am also missing fight statistics
    – dmg/dragon (overview for all single dragons)
    – heal/dragon
    – dmg through support
    – … at the moment its like fishing. You never know why you did good/bad dmg …


Also add exchange of goods and I’m in! :smiley:

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(What, I’ve received some suggestion requests by some people in my alliance, and they revolve around the exchange of resources, possibly even dragons - like an extra dupe one doesn’t need.)

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Clan skill (upgradable) that gives:

    • Extra roster
  • +% health in battle

  • +% attack in battle

  • +% defense in battle

  • +% received gold

  • +% received fishes

  • +% skill upgrade when leveling up dragons

This can use: Clan gold, clan fishes, or alpha battle point to upgrade

I love the Idea of clantrading, but it will never happen. Why? Its because you can make multiple accounts to push your main account.

I loved this Idea until I played a longer time a game which had something like that. Its only pushes the payer/leading clans above the others.
So even when it sounds good, its terrible even when you play in top100 against the ultimate payerclan…

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I’d love to see this!

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I read that when a LEADER leave the clan, the clan will be history. And only the clanleader can add new members…

So, please:

Add ASAP a CHAMPION please.

  • 1 CHAMPION: Which can take over the lead if leader leave or be inactive for a week. The Champ can also choose the alpha stars (yes this is an other verry importand missing feature).


  • 1-4 OFFICERs, which can (like the champ) add new members. If Leader and Champ leave the clan or both are inactive for 2 weeks, a offi can takr over Champ status (and as a champ after an other week the leader status)

I will correct you a bit in here. A clan leader is the only one who can boot people out, but invitations… Those can be sent by any member as lo there’s at least 1 spot open.

Now, what clans really need is a Vice Leader role. A person who’s second to the leader and can do clan management in the clan leader’s stead, being able to boot anyone but the leader.

A leader should be allowed to choose their second (and possibly a third also), because clans need to be managed more hours that we’re connected anyway.

And if a clan leader does not choose a second, then the game should automatically choose the one with the highest Alpha scores or something. But high scores don’t mean the person can do management.

Management also requires social skills not everyone has. In Fury Guardians I have been selecting people with both high scores and nice personalities for these roles, people I can trust for the whole package. Too bad the game itself doesn’t allow me to give certain privileges there too.

I don’t know how it’s going to work since we kinda don’t stay in the same place as we’re OP. I would probably have to hand out the role daily, and would the Second be able to exit and return at all?

We do have to take into account the status of every clan; some are mid-level, some are drowning in inactives, and some are OP. The role would benefit all of us, of course, but there’s this detail about leaving that technically makes sense it would be this way.

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As for choosing the level of Alpha, sure, the leader should be able to choose it (as long as they’ve defeated 1 Alpha of previous level), or in the absence of them, by the person who’s doing the management instead.


Yes, everyone can send an invitation but only leader can add them to clan. Even an invitation from a leader must active be activated after request…

And that 2nd leader is what I call a Champion.
I didnt think a champion should be added by the system. Perhaps you can get an Offi rank through it by being top5 Alpha fighter. So you might get champ after Champ and leader is inactive. But getting a 2nd leader through system will break many clanstructures IMO.

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This is a good idea, at a certain point you are just a group of people defeating alphas and thats it

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