Any talks about there being clans in the future? I think that will amplify the game even more than it has.

New idea

I think it’ll jus take it even more one sided with the highest Dino players in the same guild


There is clan system in walking dead, but i. This game have no sense cause there isnt daily quest and weekly quest to do for rewards, they can add it and will be more fun xd


I had an idea here, imagine if in Jurassic world alive I had a clan?


Like calling a friend and making a clan only you and your friends and things.


Perhaps what Ludia need to do is include say four “guilds”

Dinosaur Protection Group.
Misrani / InGen.
Industrial Military Complex. - Thinking Hoskin’s lots from JW.

That way tournaments could be based around “guild” victories rather than player victories. Members of a given Guild gain reward benefits.

Just a thought.


do not forget the clonaid