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Hey everyone

What do you all think of war between Clans or squads?

I think something like summoners war, IF you have played that.

Every player in the squad can place 4 Dino in defence, and then Will the ai take care of the defence. Then the player in the attacking team choose witch team they want to attack. This Will solve a LOT of problems for us.

I Will state a few + with this

  1. you need to have many many dinosaur at high lvl because you never know that defence they come up in the new war.
  2. you Will face many new dinosaur that you dont usually face.
  3. you HAVE to put different Dino in the defence, because player Will allways come up with a good counter team for the most defence.
  4. WHO can come up with the most special team with strange combos of dinosaur.

Please write what you all think about this Idea.


Starting with guild or clans and go from there for starters. Im all up for it. Id love to be able to socialise and communicate with others that love to play jurrasic world alive.