Clarification for Leap year event

A lot of us are confused, and the post isn’t very clear.

Are the creatures listed in the post actually spawning in supply drops?

Are they all spawning at once?

Is it 5 attempts for a dino across all rarities?

There is a lot of confusion over the event and I feel like it should be clarified further if possible.


Guess no response is forthcoming as of yet

A little mystery makes the world go round … what difference does it make if its drops, chests, wild spawns… life finds a way

I come with some answers! :smiley:

  1. They should spawn normally under the Event Supply Drops like how Featured Creatures traditionally do.

  2. The Leap Year creatures will be spawning on Feb 29th.

  3. It will be 5 attempts shared across the Leap Year creatures, regardless of their Rarity.


Better tell the team to ramp up the green drops. That’s a lot of creatures to cycle through in only 1 day. :wink:


Thanks again for your help, it’s always very appreciated!


Since there are so many, finding the one that you need might be an epic journey.

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I can already sense the disappointment some of the more casual players will experience with this one :roll_eyes:

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You said casual, you meant hard core… Lol

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Are they going to super boost the spawns or is this gonna be Vday all over again where we must drive across the nation to find a Dino we want to dart?! Because that was horrible! And this one mixes every rarity together so gonna be worse if the spawns aren’t boosted.

Ohhh so the drops will be shared among all leap year creatures even common, rare and epic … legendaries and unique will be too hard to find then (not sure who still want that Indoraptor though)

That really sucks, now I have to ignore all of them and try finding 5 Pyrritators. They should extend the day at least, or ramp up the Green Drops or something