Clarification on Alliance Invites

Ok a few months back before i chose to play again, i formed a new alliance the day that rat had its swap in changed to savager (to give an idea of when), but a few days after forming it i logged in to check some hybirds and i seen that there was someone else in my alliance =/, not only had they got in without me accepting or even SEEING a join request, but then then requested DNA.
I asked them how they got into my alliance and they promptly left! Which seemed sus to say the least.

I have read that if someone else in the alliance invites someone to the alliance, it doesnt need leader approval (is this still the case?) but in the case of my alliance, there were no other members…i was literally the only person before this person got in =/.

Anyway so if this a bug? or a hack that allows players to force their way into an alliance and then request good DNA and leave and do the same thing to another alliance? or what?

I only bring this up because last night it happened again, someone else got in and then left after a while, though in this situation there was another member @deepwrinkle, but pretty sure if they invited someone like a friend they wouldnt have left right away.

Anyway would be nice to know how these “Phantom” alliance members are getting inside without approval =/

That’s always been the case. Anyone in the alliance can invite a player into the alliance. No leader action required. The only thing the leader can do extra is boot someone.

Ok but what about the person who got in when it was a solo alliance? i was the only person in the alliance, so they were able to join and promptly request DNA with nobody to accept or invite them in =/

that does sound weird. At least you have a screen name now if support wants it.

That is weird! I know I didn’t invite anyone. I never do that, as I know that it’s up to the alliance leader whether that person will be approved or not.

Yeah I took a screenshot of the recent one, not sure if I got the other one.

And thanks @deepwrinkle for the clarification, coz I know now you didnt invite, which I didnt think you did, and I sure know I didnt lol, so they were indeed able to invite themselves and approve themselves =/

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Did you accidentally invite someone by chance? I have almost done that before when I was trying to view a profile. And since you are the leader, they wouldn’t need “approval”.


Maybe one of your puppets sent the invite…lmao


Nah i had simply logged in one day and created the alliance, and then when i went into the alliance tab a few days later saw my alliance now said 2/2 members, hadnt sent any invite…and as i wasnt playing at the time and was merely reserving an alliance name, i definitely wouldnt have accepted any new members.

I just logged in one day, and seen someone not only had somehow gotten into the alliance without my knowledge, but also requesting good DNA (dont really what DNA but it was enough to seem sus added with their presence).

I mean i can understand what you are saying about accidental invites, but id not even entered any screen that would cause an invite to be sent =/

Thats why i referred to them as phantoms coz they were just there one day, and after yesterday happened again, and @deepwrinkle who was a member confirmed they didnt invite the person either, so this person and the previous person had just joined at will with no members initiating it.
Wasnt even any pending “Confirm members” kind of things either to accidenatlly hit, as we had no join requests other than Deep and i knew who he was anyway.

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Oh true, maybe my two way conversations with myself in puppet form has driven me bonkers haha, actually i have suffered from sleep apnea for a few years, maybe im like Tyler Derdin =O


The master of puppets returns once again.

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Yeah I have missed the good old hunts, arena on the other hand…well, thats a different story, just ask the puppets haha!

Good to see you again mate :), hope the alliance is going great =D

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Same to you yeah we’re still doing well need some new recruits I’m cutting inactives

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Its good they finally gave a “Last Online” feature to alliances, will make seeing if someones active much easier than the old days.

Glad to hear the alliance is going strong =D

@Ludia_Developers Here we go again, havent played in over a day and I login and see 2 more people got into my alliance…

How are they getting in?

What the…?? The glitches just keep getting weirder and weirder! This was posted today also: I knew matchmaking was bad but what's this?!

Ludia, you’re still…


BTW, I’m back in Sand Dunes on my main account. The alt is in Sand Dunes Jr. Maybe I’ll ask @Rolybert if he’s had any unauthorized adds?


Nope Deep but than again who would want to join an alliance where only 2 members do anything :joy::joy:! It looks like it’s just you and me kid! Funny thing is all the duners that joined are still there! It was the great experiment! I play it every day as well as Dunes Sr!

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I play both accounts daily as well. BTW, check Dunes Sr. for a friend request :wink:

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Done! Darn the 10101010 rule :joy::joy:

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For me it’s only the daily missions and if I complete them at my 6:00 am play I don’t play again till the 7:00 pm Eastern time supply drop reset to collect my sanctuary supplies for the next day!

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